Monday, 17 September 2012

Connichi Convention

A few days ago there was a big convention called "Connichi". It's really a nice one with a great location. I went there for 2 days and was allowed to participate in the Lolita Fashion Show, hotested by Harlyharlekin (who did an amazing job!).
I was assigned to present OTT sweet. It's not really my style anymore and I didn't feel that good in it. But at least I could wear my Wonder Party OP again!
Everyone looked so great and I was happy to meet a lot of lovely girls!

Sui and Nina, don't they look amazing? <3
Princess overdose!

With Chi after the show - I looked horrible in that pic;_;
  Outfit rundown:
Tea Cup Hat: selfmade
OP, OTK, shoes, bag: Angelic Pretty
Pony bag: Secret Shop (;_;) 
 Then, finally, I could use my camera. Some shots of the weekend: 
With Minako-Ichigo, such a stunning outfit!

Berrii <3

Kia in Kodona, looking stunning as always!

Kikuri - she's such a natural beauty!

Minako-Ichigo close-up. These kind of pics never get old <3

 Nina in her gorgeous Little Bird's Symphonia *O*

This pic reminds me of some fairytale!
 The next day I dressed in Twinkle Carnival, which I wanted to sell. But I'm too much in love with military / circus inspired prints. Over the day, my hat decided to get closer to the ground (like, in the last pic^^)


Outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade
JSK, Blouse, OTK: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lolita meet-up in Weimar

Hello Ladies ^__^
The last weekend, we had a lovely little Lolita weekend in a town nearby.
In this area of Germany, there are very few girls wearing this style. So having a meet-up was very special and made me really happy.
We went to Weimar, a very culture-heavy town. People there are super friendly, respectful and relaxed.

First, we went to the "Creperie" for (guess what^^) eating Crepes!
After that, we went to Weimar's hunting chateau, mainly enjoying the park, talking and taking pictures.
That day, I was able to wear my Rose Princess Doll JSK by Angelic Pretty, which I got in Closet Child Harajuku at my latest trip to Japan. I wanted to go for a rather mature look, though.
Here are some of them I took:

some part of the park
Bea sitting between the flowers
Anne looking lovely as always
Lydia & Stefanie posing for our great photographer
Stefanie taking pictures

close-up of me, taken by Anne

Jennifer and me posing, our outfits are similar by coincidence *O*

Jennifer and her amazing outfit
me playing around
portrait taken at home by my mother
whole outfit, also taken at home

Outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade by me
Blouse, OTK: offbrand
JSK, bloomers, shoes: Angelic Pretty

I felt really comfortable with this outfit. At the moment, this kind of style really fits my taste. I hope I can wear more like this in the future ^__^