Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lolita Meet-up at castle Heidecksburg Rudolstadt

Hello my dears!

It's exam period and just as almost every student I met I have done ...nothing so far. My bachelor thesis is much more difficult than expected and it's oh so frustrating.

Aaaanyway, we had another Lolita meet-up, YAY <3 Apart from these, I have no time to wear my dresses at the moment, so I'm overexcited about these events!

I just realized all the 3 girls were dressed in white & red, except me ;__;

Our theme was 'A wonderful, funny, mad Tea Party'. I wanted to wear my Glass Bottle of Tears OP so badly, but it's been too cold for short sleeves, so I ended up wearing Sugar Pany.
Michael Erbe did a wonderful job with taking pictures (as always *O*, the pics above are taken by him), and this time I even ended up taking some by myself as well ^__^
We went to the castle 'Heidecksburg' in Rudolstadt, did a great guided tour (the guide was wonderful, and anyone else in the castle was so friendly!), and had a lovely picnic outside.

 Lydia prepared most of the food and decorated the 'drink me!' bottles, apart from organizing the event, which is really amazing!

And now onto some more picture / outfit spamming ^_____^

Michael at work!

Aurwen in her Red Queen outfit


Jana in her Alice and the black cat dress, matching the Red Queen!

Lydia in her selfmade White Queen dress, she even did the painting!


My Sugar Pansy Outfit (hopefully Alice-inspired):
JSK, Blouse, OTK, Shoes: Angelic Pretty
Hat: offbrand

This cute bumblebee landed on the flowers of my dress *O*

It's never right to promise something you can't keep, so I just say I'll try to post more often in the future, during semester break <3