Monday, 28 January 2013

Angelic Pretty's Sweet Chandelier, Christmas and New Year

Hi Lovelies!!
First of all, I'm really honoured by so many followers. Thank you all, I'll try to keep this blog as interesting as possible, even though I don't post as much!

Today, a truly beautiful dress arrived. It's the Sweet Chandelier OP by Angelic Pretty. I've been lusting over it since I saw the first pics of it. Now, I want it in pink and black as well *Q*.
I'll try to wear it as Marie Antoinette inspired as possible. I'm excited how it'll turn out!  I'll probably make a new hat with loads of feathers and I'd love to get some shoes with small heels!

The coord I planned so far

Oh the details <3

Because I didn't do so earlier, here's a short summary of Christmas and New Year!
I was able to spend the time with my boyfriend and we exchanged Christmas gifts, played board games while drinking, and so on.
On New Year's Eve we went out taking pictures and I was wearing a more historical inspired Lolita outfit. Here's one of our favourite results:

Taken by B1nh:

One of his presents for me: a letter from Hogwarts! <3
I'm such a huge Malfoy Harry Potter fan!

Our Christmas Tree
My plans and resolutions for this year are:
- more travelling (hopefully with my honey)
- wearing Lolita more often
- doing better at university & studying harder
- moving out & getting more independant
- keeping my weight & staying fit (kind of like.. the standard line for every women I guess^^)

On 17 January, another gift (for being together for 1 month) from my boyfriend arrived. He's so amazingly creative! I really have troubles keeping up with him*O*
It's a wonderful and very personal letter designed like a television show. At the end, there's an autograph of J├╝rgen Domian who I really, really look up to!

 From next week onwards I'll have to write several exams for university. It's going to be super hard since I'm so extremely lousy in economics (management, marketing and so on x__x ). After that I'm finally able to write some more Lolita related entries again. That's a promise! ^___^

Take care <3