Saturday, 17 May 2014

Some daily outfits

Hi guys!

I'm so sorry for anyone who'd been expecting more updates. Somehow my life just isn't as interesting to write about it at the moment. Especially when it comes to Lolita. Together with a friend, we try to wear our dresses (at least) once a week, take a pic of the outfit and share it with each other via Skype. It somehow sounds lonely and boring, but it's surprising how much fund you have. As for myself, I usually cannot wait for Sunday to arrive so I can try new outfits <3

I've always been too shy for daily_lolita, and even though it doesn't make that much of a difference, I'm posting some outfits here from now on. even though they're usually bad mirror pics. But it's so sad when the pics of one's outfits remain untouched in the computer just like dresses in the closet. 
As a side note: Most of the outfits are without shoes and often not completed. My floor makes a lot of noise when someone's wearing shoes and the walls are very thin, so I usually try to avoid it ;__;

If you're against Military-inspired outfits, please stop reading here ^__^ I understand anyone who doesn't like to idea of combining military and lolita, that's why I'm giving a warning beforehand! As for me, I just can't help it. I love uniforms, I love pin up style. That's why sometimes I at least try to combine some elements with my dresses >_<

Left: Radiant Candlelight combined with a black AatP cape.
Right: My I'm-combining-it-with-simply-everything-dress by VM, military-inspired bolero & hat
I'm wearing SHOES here! \(^O^)/


Top: La Robe Vert Clair. I like it much more with a darker wig on me. I wish I'd know this earlier >-<
Bottom: I got the Little Birds Symphonia JSK! I've owned the skirt for a long time but I was never able to combine it nicely. The JSK is very flattering and sits on the waist (and not above). Sorry I just tried it on because I was so excited. I'll make a little summer hat for it soon <3

JetJ - Feerie, Grimoire tights, AatP headdress. I was VERY surprised by how much I LOVE the dark look. I always thought I'd look ridiculous in dresses like these. But tbh, this outfit is one of my favourites right now.
I had some dramatic fallen angel theme in mind. I have to admit, I don't know what the print is about (does anyone know?) but I decided to use my angel tights, the angel wings necklace and a headdress with black feathers ^O^

 Some more drama. I wanted to try out some vampiric ouji (HIGHLY inspired my idol Akira) but it turned out visual kei-ish in the end ;___; I still want to share it, because I put so much effort into this >-<
Shirt's by Alonquins, the jacket is d.i.a. I was wearing some really cool cross earrings so I'm a little disappointed they're barely visible u___u

The day after, I tried to stick to the original boy style so that I can get a grasp of the important basics (and not to end up with some vk-inspired outfit again. I like vk, but it just wasn't what I had planned). 
Somehow... I'm not really a fan of me wearing it. I prefer wearing something more dark and dangerous... 

Speaking of dangerous ^__~ These are some recent purchases ^O^ I love the Disney classics with the original princesses. The ones in the pic are shampoo bottles. It's not like I'd use them but man... they're so pretty!
Second row: I finally received the Romantic Rose Letter special set. I wanted to make a blue tricorn for it but I'm too lazy at the moment. And I'm not sure if I'll keep the dress at all~
In the last pic is the book about Japanese Street Fashion published by Martina Križanić. I feel very honored to appear in it, especially with such a big picture and I'm very grateful. I've met Martina in Austria during and after the Tea Party and she's one of the nicest and coolest girls out there. I hope I can meet her again soon, but my lolita plans for this year just don't look very encouraging ;O;

Thaaaat's it. I hope the next entry will be about the Leipzig book fair. I'm almost, almost done with all the pics. I don't know what's taking me so long. But anyway, see you soon <3