Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lolita Meet-up in Gotha, the GazettE concerts, spring pics and shopping haul

Hi Lovlies!

First of all, who else is attending the Innocent Wolrd Tea Party in Vienna? I'm so happy I managed to get a ticket for Isa and me. With this wonderful group of organizers and with all of you, it's going to be super awesome <3

It's old news already, but I also managed to get my ticket for both the GazettE concerts in Germany. Someone else who's going? <3 I tried to call the shop for hours in the middle of the night. The poor shop guy was so exhausted because the server crashed and everyone phoned him in order to get the tickets.  I'm not too much into J-Rock anymore, but the GazettE will always stay one of my favourite bands!

Also, spring has come (and already went away again - it's been cold for weeks now!) and I was taking some flower pics. There's always this one day in spring when suddenly everything is green and bright ^O^

A few weeks ago my wonderful local Lolitas had a meet-up in Gotha at castle Friedenstein. As always, we had a lot of fun. The city and the castle are really great and the people in the city were very friendly as well.
I think that cities with higher numbers of older people tend to be more friendly towards us.
Michael Erbe was taking very beautiful photos again. Except for the first one - that's my crappy mobile phone pic ^///^

Classical Drape outfit rundown:
Blouse, JSK, OTK, Bag: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop 
Tricorn hat: Selfmade

When a man was taking pics of us, he suddenly gave us 10€! We were so suprised!
And I bought this cute pencil in the castle as a souvenir. It has a crown so I couldn't resist <3

Last but not least, here's some of the stuff I bought in the last months. I finally, FINALLY got my beloved Symphony Frill JSK. I've loved this dress for years but I had never been able to find it!

Also, I received the "La robe vert clair". This dress is truly amazing with loads of details. I didn't get any matching shoes yet, and my hair accessory is not ready, but I still wanted to take a pic because I'm so in love with it. Please don't look if you tend to get offended by only half-finished outfits >_<

I made two flower hats on commission, and bought the Little Bird's Symphonia skirt, a pink blouse and black OTks by AP, a pair of pink shoes and a bag (both replicas), some lovely offbrand shoes and a "LV" tote bag ^__~

hats on commission

Harry Potter fans will know

shopping haul

Little Bird's Symphonia details <3

Because I did a lot of shopping, I needed to sell something, decided onto my Jesus Diamante dress but in the last second I had to change my mind. I feel so sorry, because it had already been on sale. But I just couldn't do it ;O;

random outfit shot

As a last note: I'm so sorry for my messy room!! It's always messy when I'm wearing lolita ;O;