Monday, 25 March 2013

Leipzig Bookfair

Hi girls!
As promised, I'm back from the bookfair with lots of photos! 
Friday morning, my bf picked me up. Together we picked up my wonderful friend Isa and after getting ready in the hotel, we arrived and did the same as every year: walking, meeting people, taking pictures, eating, sitting, walking. That's it, and it's a lot of fun every year!

I was wearing my beloved Sweetie Chandelier OP in ivory, the Toy March JSK in wine and Wonder Party (all with selfmade hats for the sake of saving money).

I was laughing so hard because of that rose :D

Getting ready!

We got alpacassos!!!
They're simply beyond adorable <3

I burrowed some of the photos from my bf as I was really lazy with taking pictures this time. Together, we have SO MANY MORE. I couldn't really decide on which to choose so there are some similar ones and some had to be left out because there are simply too many >_<

Day 1 - Sweetie Chandelier outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade
OP, OTK, shoes: Angelic Pretty
Parasol: BTSSB

Video shoot - walking as arrogant as possible
Final video can be found here:

With Danni & Isa, love the different styles!

Isa in her gorgeous Moitie OP *O*
Check her other wonderful outfits here:

Day 2 - Toy March outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade
, Blouse, JSK, OTK, bag & pony: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

With Isa in her Sugary Carnival <3

With Fuyu:

Day 3 - Wonder Party outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade
, Blouse, JSK, OTK, bag, shoes: Angelic Pretty
With Berrii:
With Louyse:

With Zhenya:

My personal favourite *O*
Obi-Wan Kenobi! <3

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nothing going on, really

Hello to all of you!
I survived my exams and I'm still waiting impatiently for the last results. For the exam I feared the most, my bf sent me a bouquet of flowers that day. I was so touched by this. Me and my mother were like 'awww~' at the same time <3

The day after, I made a flower-pot cake inspired by this bouqet. Okay well... the marzipan flowers and chocolate bars are not selfmade.  I wanted to have this cake ready quickly so I cheated. Next time, I'll at least make the flowers by myself ^___^"

 Some days later a made another cake. The result looked completely different from what it should have looked like. But at least I could try out making a rose from strawberries :/

Apart from that, there weren't many things going on last month. Of course there was Valentines Day. I got lovely personalized chocolate (I just love chocolate too much.. like....really so it didn't last long) and here's my garden-themed present for my bf:

Rose-shaped muffins &
Selfmade chocolates in the watering can

I was also lucky enough to get the Glass Bottle of Tears OP & matching necklace just after I sold something and had the money ready. I really love this dress.It's not that short and the colours not as bright as I expected. The print is especially lovely and detailed!

Next week there's a big bookfair I'm going to attend. It's one of my favourite events because I'm meeting my friend Isa there and the surroundings are also quite cool. I'm so looking forward to it and I'm hoping of meeting some of you there <3

I'm going to post quite some .... okay tons of lolita pics after that event so yay, my blog gets more lively then! ^____^