Sunday, 8 June 2014

More daily outfits: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Atelier Pierrot, JetJ

Dear all <3 
This post again is only about clothes, two cakes, loads of fruits and nothing else. 
But man, those things are nice!

Its getting really hot, eh? Summer's calling, and I recently developed a big craving for fresh fruits. I'm basically living on mangoes and persimmons right now. 
And anything else that I manage to carry home.

Just as promised... or did I? Anyway I really wanted to take some better pics. I don't look cool in those mirror pics. How do you manage to look so cute all the time?! All of you <3

I recently got a very stunning Angelic Pretty dress and I LOVE it so, so much. It's from 2007 and I'm really into their older stuff. It's from the time when I started Lolita so maybe that's one reason? Anyway, here's the contents of the package, just for the sake of pinkness *Q*

In the following, there's some serious photo spamming going on.
You have been warned.
I had some absolutely different plans for this dress but in the end it turned out like this:

Come to the pink site, we have unicorns ^.^
I also tried some things with Radiant Candlelight and I ended up looking like a midnight circus girl (hey that sounds like a print!) or something like that. I don't think I'll keep the dress though.

I also finished my Fairy Marine school girl coord. The skirt doesn't sit right on me somehow. Maybe I'll try wearing it with a less poofy petti >-< Anyway, original military cap and those OTK by Meta are really sweet, I recommend them!

More blue to come: I was finally able to bring together Triple Fortune and Atelier Pierrot. These brands are made for each other, srsly. I'd love have these items in any color available. I wouldn't even get bored <3

Labyrinth of Rose is one of those dresses that's particularly well-cut, has some really lovely details and falls in a very flattering way. It's such a perfect dress for romantic and sweet outfits, but I also like its country touch!

More straw-hat love; I think I did promise not to wear THAT hat so often anymore. But I promised that on tumblr, so that doesn't count here, right? ^O^
First is La Robe du Marie Antoinette by JetJ. The fabric of that dress is SO GORGEOUS. Sadly it's not really visible, but there are some more shiny threads that create a pattern of their own in addition to the "printed" pattern and that's just amazing <3

Since I'm not exactly tall, the length of the dress makes my legs seem even shorter, so I tugged up the skirt a little. I think it's quite nice like that? Not sure, I'm full of strange ideas sometimes.

Yup. Don't mess with me ^///^
Speaking of strange, I usually love those dresses that polarize. The ones that people either love or hate. You know what I mean. So the next one is another of those instances where people were like hmm-maybe-not because of those waves sewn onto the skirt part. Personally, I don't mind them at all  and I had been sitting in front of my computer for days in order not to miss the release of this one! Completely pointless since it's not even sold out but I really didn't want to risk it <3

some serious model posing ^_~
The fabric is super detailed, so I really want to share some additional pics:

Last but not least: Ave Maria!! Jamie managed to get it for me. She told me before that there's a dress getting released soon that I'd definitely love. She's been so right. It's beautiful and it's one of the lightest dresses I've ever worn. It's just perfect for hot summers. 
If you feel like wearing Lolita in hot summer, that is.

End of outfit spamming!
I made two cakes recently. The first one made from scratch, and it was super delicious. 
The second one I've been wanting to try out for years now. But I added too much gelatin and yeah.... let's just say the strawberries I ended up with were wonderful ^____^

I still don't have a plate for my cakes. I keep forgetting to put them on my shopping lists u__u

Sorry for all the the pic spam, the weird poses in which I tried to look nice and original, the repetitious use of the same hats, and the lack of meaning of this whole post in general. It still feels nice sharing a little of my personal lolita life since I don't attend meet ups at the moment ^__^