Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Random Picture Spam

Hi there!

This is an update from one of the worst bloggers in the world. I'm so sorry! I'm really busy with university and when I'm not, I'm simply too lazy :(

I finally edited some pictures which had been waiting on my Computer for quite a long time. In September 2011, I took some photos of my friend Sascha, who really suits the gyaruo-style!

I also finished the potos from this year's September, when I met Bea for taking some pics. She's always so beautiful and her poses look very natural. I really like taking pics of her!
The first 3 are pics of her, the other 3 of me ^^

I also started making hats again. Even though I'm really slow, I try to give my best. I got more motivated when I was asked to do some hats on commission, so I also made some for myself. These are the results:

Commissioned Military Mini Hat

Commissioned Feather-Flower Straw Hat

Hat for Queen's Coach

Decorated shoes for Queen's Coach

Planned Queen's Coach Outfit

Toy March Mini Hat (AP inspired)
- I have to re-do the drum sticks ;__;

Planned Toy March Outfit

Victorian Maiden + H&M
I stole the commissioned hat for the pic ^__^"

Jesus Diamante Coord
And here you can see the hat I was wearing at the last meet-up. I combined it with my Jesus Diamante dress. I was really happy that the dress can be worn with a blouse and a petticoat ^__^

Some days ago my bf visited me and brought a bouquet of flowers, a HUGE package with the most amazing things,  a gingerbread heart, and an invitation to a wonderful restaurant. We had an amazing view over the city at  night!
I never spent such a perfect day with a guy <3

A few days before he also ordered pizza from his home so that it was delivered to me when I came back home all exhausted and hungry. That was such a wonderful idea ;O;

My favourite pizza *O*
A really lovely bouquet of flowers <3

Gingerbread Heart *O*

So so so many amazing things ;O;

To end this random post, I'd like to share some random outfit pics. I sold my Wonder Party OP and got the JSK instead. Also, I decided against selling Chocolate Rosette. These are the pics when trying out some outfit coords.
Warning: not photoshopped. I'm usually too lazy with retouching mobile phone pics >_<

I guess I won't update before Christmas, so I wish you all a very lovely Christas time and a Happy New Year. Please take care <3

Monday, 17 September 2012

Connichi Convention

A few days ago there was a big convention called "Connichi". It's really a nice one with a great location. I went there for 2 days and was allowed to participate in the Lolita Fashion Show, hotested by Harlyharlekin (who did an amazing job!).
I was assigned to present OTT sweet. It's not really my style anymore and I didn't feel that good in it. But at least I could wear my Wonder Party OP again!
Everyone looked so great and I was happy to meet a lot of lovely girls!

Sui and Nina, don't they look amazing? <3
Princess overdose!

With Chi after the show - I looked horrible in that pic;_;
  Outfit rundown:
Tea Cup Hat: selfmade
OP, OTK, shoes, bag: Angelic Pretty
Pony bag: Secret Shop (;_;) 
 Then, finally, I could use my camera. Some shots of the weekend: 
With Minako-Ichigo, such a stunning outfit!

Berrii <3

Kia in Kodona, looking stunning as always!

Kikuri - she's such a natural beauty!

Minako-Ichigo close-up. These kind of pics never get old <3

 Nina in her gorgeous Little Bird's Symphonia *O*

This pic reminds me of some fairytale!
 The next day I dressed in Twinkle Carnival, which I wanted to sell. But I'm too much in love with military / circus inspired prints. Over the day, my hat decided to get closer to the ground (like, in the last pic^^)


Outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade
JSK, Blouse, OTK: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lolita meet-up in Weimar

Hello Ladies ^__^
The last weekend, we had a lovely little Lolita weekend in a town nearby.
In this area of Germany, there are very few girls wearing this style. So having a meet-up was very special and made me really happy.
We went to Weimar, a very culture-heavy town. People there are super friendly, respectful and relaxed.

First, we went to the "Creperie" for (guess what^^) eating Crepes!
After that, we went to Weimar's hunting chateau, mainly enjoying the park, talking and taking pictures.
That day, I was able to wear my Rose Princess Doll JSK by Angelic Pretty, which I got in Closet Child Harajuku at my latest trip to Japan. I wanted to go for a rather mature look, though.
Here are some of them I took:

some part of the park
Bea sitting between the flowers
Anne looking lovely as always
Lydia & Stefanie posing for our great photographer
Stefanie taking pictures

close-up of me, taken by Anne

Jennifer and me posing, our outfits are similar by coincidence *O*

Jennifer and her amazing outfit
me playing around
portrait taken at home by my mother
whole outfit, also taken at home

Outfit rundown:
Hat: selfmade by me
Blouse, OTK: offbrand
JSK, bloomers, shoes: Angelic Pretty

I felt really comfortable with this outfit. At the moment, this kind of style really fits my taste. I hope I can wear more like this in the future ^__^

Thursday, 30 August 2012

AnimagiC 2012

I finally finished editing the photos from the German convention "AnimagiC"! I've no idea what took me so long, though ;__;
That weekend was a lot of fun but very exhausting. The thursday before I came back from Tokyo! I was there with my boyfriend and it was amazing, especially Disneyland and Odaiba at night (I haven't been to those places before). But after a long flight, I just wanted to see my own room. I stayed in a hotel in Frankfurt for one night just to drive to the convention the next day...
With a lovely friend, I stayed in Hilton (such an amazing service there!) and we took a lot of pictures together, met a lot of great people and had loads of fun.
I was happy to be home again sunday evening, though. I needed so much sleep ^///^
Here are some pics:

My lovely friend Georgina in Chess Chocolate and Scent of Rapunzel <3

 Me in Memorial Cake, the revised version. 
Outfit rundown:
Bonnet, wristcuffs: made by my mom (birthday present) <3
OP, OTK, shoes, bloomers (& bag): Angelic Pretty
Gloves: offbrand

The next day I wore Chocolate Rosette which I got directly in Tokyo ( Isaved a lot of money this way). 
I couldn't get the original beret, so I called my mother while I was still in Japan, telling her I needed a beret in wine so baldy for the coming weekend. And she found one <3
However I'm not satisfiend at all with the outfit. I'm already revising the outfit.
Outfit rundown:
Hat (& bag): offbrand
JSK, Blouse, OTK: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

 On sunday I wore Rose Toilette in pink together with Georgina. I lent her my Canotier and it fits her so well! My favourite pic from the convention is below, taken by the photographer Falk Krönert with my ccamera. Thank you so much!
Outfit rundown:
Bonnet, JSK, blouse, OTK, shoes (& bag): Angelic Pretty

 I can totally see my tiredness in the pictures, but I still had a great time. The following days I didn't do anything, so the next post will be about the Lolita meet-up in Weimar <3