Thursday, 30 August 2012

AnimagiC 2012

I finally finished editing the photos from the German convention "AnimagiC"! I've no idea what took me so long, though ;__;
That weekend was a lot of fun but very exhausting. The thursday before I came back from Tokyo! I was there with my boyfriend and it was amazing, especially Disneyland and Odaiba at night (I haven't been to those places before). But after a long flight, I just wanted to see my own room. I stayed in a hotel in Frankfurt for one night just to drive to the convention the next day...
With a lovely friend, I stayed in Hilton (such an amazing service there!) and we took a lot of pictures together, met a lot of great people and had loads of fun.
I was happy to be home again sunday evening, though. I needed so much sleep ^///^
Here are some pics:

My lovely friend Georgina in Chess Chocolate and Scent of Rapunzel <3

 Me in Memorial Cake, the revised version. 
Outfit rundown:
Bonnet, wristcuffs: made by my mom (birthday present) <3
OP, OTK, shoes, bloomers (& bag): Angelic Pretty
Gloves: offbrand

The next day I wore Chocolate Rosette which I got directly in Tokyo ( Isaved a lot of money this way). 
I couldn't get the original beret, so I called my mother while I was still in Japan, telling her I needed a beret in wine so baldy for the coming weekend. And she found one <3
However I'm not satisfiend at all with the outfit. I'm already revising the outfit.
Outfit rundown:
Hat (& bag): offbrand
JSK, Blouse, OTK: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop

 On sunday I wore Rose Toilette in pink together with Georgina. I lent her my Canotier and it fits her so well! My favourite pic from the convention is below, taken by the photographer Falk Krönert with my ccamera. Thank you so much!
Outfit rundown:
Bonnet, JSK, blouse, OTK, shoes (& bag): Angelic Pretty

 I can totally see my tiredness in the pictures, but I still had a great time. The following days I didn't do anything, so the next post will be about the Lolita meet-up in Weimar <3

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  1. Ich hatte dich auf der Animagic gesehen :) Du sahst so toll aus in APs Choco Rosette! Vor allem mit dem Baret sah es insgesamt sehr stylish aus :)