Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tokyo Pirates Shopping Service Review: Closet Child in-store order, Angelic Pretty release, online order and pick-up help

Hi everyone 

Just as promised, here's my rather detailed shopping service review of Tokyo Pirates! I've asked for her help several times already, and I'd like to share experience with you, focusing on the first two orders I had made; One being a Closet Child in-store request and an online item, the other one an Angelic Pretty print release and what could be referred to as picking up an item from another person who couldn't ship out.

If you don't like to read all the text, you can simply refer to my ratings at the beginnings of the paragraphs! ^__^

The shopping service used
Tokyo Pirates

Order no. 1
In the middle of August, I came a cross a Closet Child campaign, advertising a special sale weekend including one of my Alice and the Pirates' dream sets:

AatP - Mad Hatter jacket & pants
Pic taken by Closet Child

I came across Jamie's shopping service while desperately searching for someone doing Closet Child in-store shopping, which is kind of rare. It takes a lot of time to go there, and even more luck to get the items there. I dropped her a mail, asking if she could go there on the day of the campaign, and only a short time later I already got a positive reply!
At a later point, I spontaneously added another item from an online shop, which she bought super quickly. I didn't even have time to worry someone else would buy it!

Jesus Diamante - Alice OP
Pic taken by Tokyo Alice Webshop

Order no. 2
For the second order, I asked her if she could get the Fancy Paper Doll JSK by Angelic Pretty for me, which again was possible. I also mentioned the problem with another shopping service who was unable to ship out my items. Being contacted by someone else with the same problem, Jamie decided to help and picked up our items. In principal, this wouldn't have been her problem, so her actions made me super happy!

Fancy Paper Dolls JSK

Day Dream Carnival

The communication: 5/5
Time passed by and the communication with her stayed perfect. She answers really quickly and puts a lot effort into getting the desired items, or simply helping with anything else. I had other shopping services doing a great job, but this one is even more personal and you can simply feel the effort.
I'm not saying that other people don't put effort into their service, but there's this slight but meaningful difference when people are simply able to spend more time.
On the day of the campaign and also on the Angelic Pretty print release, Jamie was keeping me updated all the time during her visit in the store and even went there earlier to make sure she could get my items. These live updates are especially convenient when you're worried about not getting the desired items and ready for ordering them on the international site instead. Fortunately, she managed to get what I wanted! The socks had not been released at that day, though. But she mailed me with an alternative suggestion which is just wonderful.

The service and fees: 5/5
She kept me informed about shipping rates, made her fees very clear and was even flexible with sending invoices.  Concerning her fees which are very reasonable anyway, you get an excellent service. I had shopping services taking more, and some taking less fees. But none of them could offer this kind of devotion to the orders I made. Personally I'd say that this is one of the best price-performance ratio you can get!
Her fees are dependent on the kind of order you place (online, in-store or reservation), ranging from 5% to 10% of the item price. Travel fees are non-refundable but reasonable anyway. You might be lucky and can share these if someone else orders on the same day, though!
Her full service description is listed here:

The packaging and shipping 5/5
She shipped out my package very, very quickly, and it arrived safely here a short time after. Also, she gave advice on whether it's reasonable to send items together or not.
All the items were packed, and folded with great care and I even got extra presents, which is just super super lovely of her 
For the first order she got me such a cute pencil set, and in the second she included the postcard of the Angelic Pretty postcard fair and an adorable eraser set ^O^

Now the pics: order no. 1

Packaging and shipping box

Additional packaging

Items folded with care 

The items ordered

order no. 2

Additional packaging

Again nicely-folded ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

The whole order...
...including the postcard and an eraser set (。♥‿♥。)

The overall experience: 5/5
As long as she doesn't get tired of me (^__~) I'll use her service again and again. I really feel like my orders are save with her. There's always the possibility of not getting something. But she really tries her best with a lot of care. I really like writing to her as she always responds in such a friendly and personal way. Because of that I'd recommend her with the fullest conviction, and on top of that she'll do everything possible to get what you desire 


  1. Wow, that sounds SO good! *__* I'll keep an eye on her blog!

    1. Please do so! I'm usually not into writing reviews, but I felt like she really deserved it ^___^

  2. omg das jesus diamante kleid *1* wenn du das mal abgibst ?????????? xDDDD

  3. ooh das Alice Kleid ist ja hübsch!
    Fancy Paper Doll JSK in der Farbe ist ja total schön!
    freu mich schon auf Fotos mit dir in den Sachen :)

    1. Es ist echt eine total angenehme Farbe! Nicht so augenkrebsig wie auf den Scans. Ich hatte schon echt Angst gehabt... XD
      Du bist so lieb <3

  4. I love her shopping service! I am using hers for the first time and she's been so patient with everything! I'm really happy to see that other people contact her as well! She's really great :D