Monday, 30 September 2013

the GazettE concert in Munic - personal report


This post is absolutely Lolita-unrelated. I'm sorry!! 
My last few weeks in SHORT: I finished by bachelor thesis, I got accepted in my University's Master program, I moved into my own flat and my holidays are almost over. I haven't had real internet connection for weeks now, I can't access Facebook, any other blogs with lots of pics, Livejournal, etc. and uploading pics is a real, real pain. Actually, anything with pics is not working for me right now. Only Twitter is left. That's why I'm not really active right now >_<

Anyway! I just came back from the concert of the GazettE in Munich It's my favorite band. I fell in love with their music a few years ago. I still can't believe I've seen them live now. So, here's a little personal report.
It's not very informative  but I really want to share my impressions <3
Pics are by me and Laura, thank you for letting me using them here ^O^

I didn't dare to wear the bunny necklace in the end ;__;
Outfit for the concert - the top is actually a mini lace dress!
I arrived at the hotel one day before so I could relax. The room was super cool! Very modern and stylish. I forgot to take pics though. But since it's Oktoberfest time, the guests were given little presents: two bottles of beer and a gingerbread heart <3

The writing says 'You're so wonderful'
The next day in the morning, Laura came so we could get ready together. I got overexcited because people were already waiting at the venue. And even though I got a priority ticket, I feared not getting a good spot in the crowd so I was like hurry hurry hurry and so we hurried.

We arrived at around noon and signed a big banner. And then the waiting started. Time passed by quickly for a few hours but after getting sorted in different waiting lines, waiting was getting exhausting. 
And it got cold!

In the venue, I was waiting in something like the 5th line, with a very nice girl from Poland. The girls behind me were talking about getting further into the front and I was like 'yeah okay but they'd need to push me further to the front and I don't think I can---' but they did. When the concert started I was in the 2nd line, no breathing possible but clear view of the whole band. Okay no, Kai got his drum set in front of his face. But his bright smile was literally always shining through.

The guys.... all of them look even more gorgeous in real life. Flawless even. Uruha is breathtakingly beautiful, I mean it. Aoi's just unbelievably handsome, Kai's a mixture of over-adorable and handsome, and Reita and Ruki are something like super cool-stylish-omg-ish.

They played all the songs I wished for in relation to the songs they planned for this tour.
In the beginning, Aoi looked kind of displeased or demotivated I don't know. But the fans on his site always called out for him. I don't know if he heard it between all the general screaming, but he eventually warmed up and smiled, threw kisses to the crowd and danced along. I loved how he gestured us to get louder, and when we were, he made a movement as if saying  'you're really crazy, you know' but that's just my interpretation. He *seemed* to look into our faces a lot. I know how much light blinds when you're on stage so I'm careful with my words, but when he seemed to look, and you started grinning between your screaming, he  suddenly  grinned back as well, sometimes pointing with his hands. 
Reita was surprisingly  active, coming to the front quite a lot and seemed to enjoy it so much. He also seemed to pay similar attention to persons in the crowd. But yes, that's only interpretation. 
Ruki ... what to say about him? It's really hard to take your eyes off him as he's so captivating in his expressions and movements. AND HIS SHOES OMG. They're something like light neon green heels that  deeply  reminded me of my first pair of chunky heeled Lolita shoes XD But somehow he can wear anything and look super cool in it. 
Uruha was all hyper and simply perfect all the time, also making a lot of sexy expressions. Just as expected, but in a very positive way! Did I already mention he's  breathtakingly beautiful ? Yes? Okay but I want to mention it again. Someone told me he had his toe nails painted black. I didn't pay attention to that but wouldn't that be cool? XD 
And yeah Kai, as already mentioned, was smiling like a thousand suns melted in vanilla pudding <3

The crowd screemed their lungs out, and singing with Ruki most of the time, even when he stopped singing. I still wonder if this makes the band happy or if it gets disturbing after a few lives. They seemed to be in a great mood, though. Towards the end, Ruki was spraying a HUGH water fountain with his mouth. It was seriously amazing! I wonder if he secretly trains stuff like this. And if he does I'd love to see it haha. Then, and after the last song, he spit and threw water into the crowd. I think Uruha and ...was it Aoi? did the same, especially on my side. Me and all the people around me got quite a lot of water into their faces. I still can't decide if I liked it because I'm such a fangirl or because it was so wonderfully cold and refreshing.  Yeah, I'm a fangirl, mkay? Talking of fangirlism, I really hoped for  Aoiha moments. But I'm happy that Aoi at least seemed very displeased about the fanservice moment of Ruki and Uruha ^O^

Soo~ continuing on my not-so-objective report. They also started throwing their picks and drum sticks into the crowd. I just had my hands up for cheering, I couldn't see anything because everyone else had their hands up as well. Suddenly something landed in my hand, I closed it out of reflex, took it down and omg Reita had thrown his pick directly into my hands. I usually NEVER catch anything, even if it's something big like a volley ball or something. So I couldn't believe it!

After returning to the hotel, and even now, Laura and me can't believe we've seen them. It's like a dream. The live was simply great. They played perfectly. I simply had one of the best times in my life and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I love them even more now and I seriously hope the band enjoyed their tour as well. Even if they couldn't see so much of the European cities but mostly the countryside, as Aoi already complained XD
Speaking of countryside; When returning home, my mother and me stopped in the village I used to live until I was 5.

The only street in this village
As a child, I used to get fresh milk from here. Can you see the cows? ^_^
I haven't been there for so long. It's deeply Bavarian and people still have their farms and produce their own goods. We bought the meat I love so much (typical Bavarian 'Leberkäs'), made by our former almost-neighbors. I also bought some other typical Bavarian sausages in Munich that I'm kind of addicted to, called 'Gelbwurst'. I guess I'll love Bavarian food forever <3
And here's what I brought with me. The left side is full of Bavarian sausages. I also bought some super realistic (and super expensive) artificial flowers. I wish I could have bought more, but the prices were crazy. But yeah that's Munich ;__;

Sorry for this absolutely Lolita-unrelated post. In the next one, I'll do a review of Jamies shopping service TOKYO PIRATES <3 And another one will be about the Connichi convention in Kassel.

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  1. Ich wäre auch so gern in München gewesen *^* die schönste Stadt in Deutschland <3 ich fand das Konzert so la la die kamen mir alle ziemlich demotiviert vor bzw es sah so nach Fließbandarbeit aus.Aber es war ok.

    1. München hat tatsächlich so viele schöne Ecken! Schade, dass dort vieles so teuer ist. Aber das macht auch den Reiz der Stadt aus!
      Ach das hab ich jetzt schon öfters gelesen mit Dortmund ;__; Vielleicht war nicht nur Aoi, sondern auch die anderen Jungs krank zu der Zeit krank. Oder einfach total übermüdet. Ich versteh eh nicht, wie man sich immer nur so kurze Zeiträume zwischen Konzerten einplanen lassen kann. Japaner sind so krasse Arbeitstiere D:

  2. aww hört sich echt toll an xD ~
    ehrlich gesagt, ich war noch nie auf einem konzert ;__; aber würde gerne irgendwann dahin wo meine lieblingsband mitspielen joa D: xD

    1. Awww echt nicht? Aber wen dein erstes Konzert dann deine Lieblingsband ist, wär das umso toller <3

  3. Es freut mich so sehr, dass du eine schöne Zeit hattest <3 und du hast Gazette irgendwie total gut beschrieben xD und Kais Lächeln und omg Uruha, Aoi.... aah ich spür meine Fangirlgefühle wieder aufflattern :D