Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lolita Timeline

As already mentioned, I've been wearing Lolita fashion since 2008. I want to share some pics because it's always fun to see some changes. However, I'm not comfortable with the very old pics ^__~
So I'm starting in 2010 (pretty lame, huh?)

I started loving AP and OTT, also tried some classic
(Please excuse my terrible PS skills at that time for the first pic u.u)

I started paying attention to details, began wearing heavier make up and had my big AP phase!


 I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable in OTT, I prefer wearing classic and darker colours. I'm even more searching for own outfit ideas and I try to be more creative

 Well, that's my little Lolita timeline!
Looking at all the pics, I don't feel I changed much within 3 years, huh?
Right now, I'd like to get inspired by victorian and rococo stuff, I love vintage and I try to wear bright colours less often. Still, I can't part with the cute OTT print dresses ;O;


  1. awwww~ du siehst immer bezaubernd aus!

    1. Die ganzen Bilder die ich NICHT genommen hab... XD Wenn wir uns das nächste Mal sehen, zeig ich dir die mal alle. Du wirst so lachen! :D

  2. Hello! My name is Ashley, and I'm from the U.S. but currently going back and forth from LA to Tokyo for school/work before I move there at the end of this year. ^^ I came across your blog while looking for a hat for my new Marie Antoinette-esque lolita coord, and I would love to commission you for one! If you could please let me know what is the best way to contact you (email, etc) I'd love to discuss ideas! Additionally, I know you must get this question quite a bit, but would you be so kind as to tell me where you got your blonde and brown hime wigs from? Due to my face shape, I can only wear hime wigs from Cyperous, but I'm desperately looking for new wigs I can wear, so I wanted to give those a try. Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you! : )

    P.S. Your coordination ability is amazing, and I absolutely love your style~


    1. Hi there! I'm SO SORRY for the super late reply. I'm not checking blogspot for comments very often and I dfefinitely shpuld change that! >_<

      Thank you so so much for your compliments! I used so many wig shops in the past. Some wigs in these pics are from Gothic Lolita Wigs, Cyperous and from ebay (there was a shop called cosplay wig but it seems to be gone ;__; ).
      I often mix my basic wigs with pony tails from different sellers. If you're interested in a specific wig, you can send me the link to the pic ^___^

      Yes of course <3 For any questions and hat commissions, you can contact me here: Mystic_Neon@gmx.net